Book Recommendation – Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures


Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures: Equipping Christians and Churches for Ministry in a Culturally Diverse Society | Written by Andrew Schachtel, Choon-Hwa Kim and Michael K. Wilson (Interserve Australia, 2017, 188 Pages).

There are plenty of resources available to equip Christians to minister to people from different cultures. The problem from an Australasian perspective is that most such books focus on overseas missions or on the North American context. ‘Changing Lanes, Crossing Cultures’, therefore, makes a very valuable contribution with its Australian perspective. The authors have many years of cross-cultural ministry in multicultural Australian settings between them. This depth of experience shines through on every page and readers can, therefore, expect many solid insights and practical strategies for sharing the gospel with people from a range of backgrounds. Along the way we are also introduced to the biblical case for cross-cultural ministry, the challenges involved in this kind of ministry and strategies for strengthening the witness of churches from a non-majority background. What I found particularly helpful is the fact that each of the six sections of the book ends with a series of thought-provoking questions. This means that the book can be used as a training manual in local church or other settings by having participants reading and discussing the chapters together.