Local Church—Global Mission


Video recordings from our online conference, Local Church—Global Mission with Bernie Power, Jerry & Carolyn Moyer, Phillip Scheepers, Janice Reid and Bert Kuipers.

  1. Phillip Scheepers (There’s a Wide World Out There: Local Churches in the Global Village – Plenary Session
  2. Bernie Power (Cross-Cultural Mission in Our Backyard) – Plenary Session
  3. Jerry & Carolyn Moyer (The State of World Evangelism and How We Can Be Involved) – Plenary Session
  4. Janice Reid & Phillip Scheepers (Caring for Missionaries as Partnership in the Gospel) – Breakout Session
  5. Bert Kuipers (Working with International Partners to Grow an Indigenous Church) – Breakout Session
  6. Q&A Session with Phillip Scheepers (MC), Bernie Power, Jerry & Carolyn Moyer, Janice Reid and Bert Kuipers