Bachelor of Theology


The Bachelor of Theology comprises 24 units of study (288 credit points).

The core units in the RTC’s Bachelor of Theology program are:

  • Old Testament Introduction—24 cps, OT001-512, OT002-512
  • New Testament Introduction—24 cps, NT001-512, NT002-512
  • Christianity in History—24 cps
  • Theology—24 cps
  • OT/NT Set Books – 36 cps (with a minimum of 12 cps from Old Testament and New Testament each)

In addition, students must complete:

  • 72 cps in Theology, Church History, Philosophy and Ethics, Biblical Studies, Exegesis, or Languages (inc. 24 cps in Languages and 24cps at Level 7 or above)
  • 72 cps from any field of study

Certain advanced level units may only be taken when the pre-requisite units have been completed or when co-requisite units are taken concurrently. Individual unit syllabi should be consulted for further information.

Units in this course are completed at Level 5 and above, including no more than 144cps at Level 5, and including at least 72cps at Level 7 or above.


  • Students may not enrol in more than 60 cps per semester
  • Greek or Hebrew exegesis units require the completion of the relevant 24 cp of Hebrew or Greek language units

The Bachelor of Theology is a course of the Australian College of Theology

Candidates for ministry in the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia (CRCA) or Reformed Church of New Zealand (RCNZ) typically complete the four-year double degree. Ministry candidates will arrange their study pathway in close consultation with the Faculty and the deputies of their denomination.


Each semester the RTC will offer a range of units that are taught on campus, online, or through a combination of both. Bachelor of Theology students may complete the requirements for their award through any combination of these.


ATAR: Completion of Year 12 in the last two years, with an ATAR of 65 or above; OR

Previous Qualifications: Successful completion of a qualification at AQF Level 5 or above; OR

Demonstrate Academic Suitability for course: Test, Brief Essay, or Interview.

Language Qualifications for NESB: IELTS 6.5 overall with minimum of 6.0 in each subtest OR 10 years in Australia with English being the language primarily spoken both at home and work.


A schedule of fees can be found here.