2024 On-Campus Study Options


RTC has some great options for study at our Melbourne campus for Semester 1, 2024 starting Tuesday, 20th February. If you are about to begin study, why not begin with one or more of these?

Old Testament Foundations

Providing a great overview of the second half of the OT (Chronicles to Malachi). You can take this unit straight after RTC devotions on Tuesdays from 10.00am – 1.00pm (TBC).
Class times: TBA

Christianity in History from 1550 to Modern Times

This is a great entry level unit that introduces the phases and developments in the history of Christianity and surveys the life and thought of its key figures from Pentecost through to the Reformation era.
Class times: TBA

The Knowledge of God

Dr Nick Brennan will lead this exploration of how we know God, how God reveals himself, and how this knowledge benefits us and helps others to know Him.

Class times: TBA.

Introduction to Biblical Theology (intensive)

An ideal subject for all pastors, preachers, and lay persons! Dr. Andrew Stewart will lead an exploration of the discipline of biblical theology, trace the development of major themes within Scripture, and provide a basis for understanding the relationship between the two. This foundation will equip you to undertake further study in theology, and biblical exegesis and hermeneutics, and to explain to others how the Bible hangs together as a whole.

Theology of Mission (intensive)

Theology of Mission, with Dr Phillip Scheepers, is a great subject for anyone with a mind to explore a call to mission-based ministry and apply a biblical perspective to their mission work locally or overseas.

Exilic Prophecy (English and Hebrew)

An in-depth exploration of the book of Ezekiel, its theological message, and relevance to contemporary Christian ministry.
Class times: TBA.

Pastoral Care

This unit is designed to help you commence a ministry of pastoral care and to enable you to maintain appropriate self-care throughout. It will survey various perspectives and issues in pastoral theology and explore their application to the Christian life.
Class times: TBA.

Biblical Hebrew A

Here’s a unique chance to learn the language the OT was written in. It will equip students with the basic tools for translating biblical Hebrew, laying a foundation for a deeper exploration of the OT.

Class times: TBA.

Principles and Practice of New Testament Exegesis [Greek]

Dr Martin Williams teaches this unit that is designed for students who have learned the basics of NT Greek and wish to develop exegesis skills for teaching and preaching the NT.
Class times: TBA.

Expository Preaching Workshop A

Dr Murray Capill conducts this weekly preaching workshop for preachers who have completed the introductory unit, Expository Preaching: An Introduction.
Class times: TBA.


If you are not wanting a degree or diploma, you could consider being an “audit” student (with no assessment or academic credit) for just $300/unit.