Flexible Study Modes

RTC study provides flexible study options to suit your particular life and ministry situation. Each mode of study has particular strengths and advantages, and modes can be mixed and matched to maximise the benefits of each.


There’s nothing quite like a class setting to debate and discuss an issue, or to get to know your lecturers and other students. Study at the Melbourne CBD campus allows students to participate in classes and enjoy all the benefits of face-to-face interaction, in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant and culturally diverse cities. Often lifetime friendships are formed during on campus study and it is in this context that students can benefit the most from College life and personal interaction with the lecturers. For many, there is simply no substitute for this way of learning.

On campus study comes in various shapes and sizes:

  • Most units are delivered over 12 weeks in a semester, from February to June and July to November
  • Some units are delivered as intensives. Intensives usually have some online study first, followed by a full week of lectures at the Melbourne CBD campus. Intensives usually run from Monday lunch time till Friday lunch time so that students from other places can fly in and fly out at the beginning and end of the week. Being in the heart of the CBD, there is easy access to Tullamarine airport.
  • Some units are packaged with classes spread over several weeks through the course of a semester.

All RTC degrees and diplomas can be taken in full on campus mode, should that be your preference.


Online units allow you to study at the time of the week that suits you best, fitting it around work, church and family commitments. All the lecture material is available online, either in the form of written lessons, written notes, PowerPoint slides, audio or visual lectures, or a combination of formats. Students interact with the material in online forums or summaries and complete any exams with a local supervisor. This is the most flexible way to study at RTC from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

It is possible to complete a Diploma or Graduate Diploma fully online, or to combine online units with some intensives at the Melbourne CBD campus. It is also possible to include a large number of online units in a full ministry or theology degree. These can be combined with other flexible mode units so that you do not have to relocate to Melbourne to complete a degree at the RTC if you prefer not to. Full ministry or theology degrees can be undertaken from anywhere in Australia or overseas.


Some units are offered via live video-conferencing. Students connect to a class held at the Melbourne CBD campus via video link. Currently RTC is using Zoom, and students can participate fully in class interaction, effectively attending lectures from the comfort of their own home. This combines the best of stay at home study with classroom interaction, but you’ll need to be available online during class times in Melbourne.


Students wanting to undertake a full off-campus degree program can do so through a combination of modes. Flexible degree study includes several intensives, online units and live video-conference classes. We have designed this combination so as to maximise the benefits of face-to-face interaction with the flexibility of distance education. Contact the RTC Registrar to discuss the options that best suit your personal circumstances.


CBT is an innovative ordination program for future pastors, combining flexible mode study with ministry apprenticeship. Designed in conjunction with the Christian Reformed Churches of Australia, it is a recognised training pathway for people preparing for pastoral ministry.
CBT students engage in a total of 180 days of ministry experience spread over one to four or more years, receive mentoring in their local church, undertake some courses that are taught in the local church context, and complete a full theology degree in flexible mode delivery. There are a great variety of ways this program can be put together. For more information, download the CBT booklet below.

Note: Special rules govern study for overseas students residing in Australia, with limits on the amount of distance and online learning they can undertake. Please contact the RTC Registrar for advice.