Why the RTC?

If you study at RTC you will…

  1. Get to know your Bible better than ever before, because we put God’s Word front and centre of all our teaching
  2. Interact with the best of reformed evangelical thinking from the past and the present
  3. Enjoy learning from a team of highly qualified, experienced and committed teachers
  4. Learn in the context of a small, interactive, friendly community where you will get to know the lecturers well, be stretched in your thinking, and enjoy friendship with other students
  5. Be challenged to grow in your spiritual life so that what you learn is not just head knowledge but heart knowledge
  6. Have great options for flexible study, on campus in the Melbourne CBD or off campus, full-time or part time, for church ministry or everyday life

The RTC is committed to rigorous scholarship and research and we seek to provide theological education that is biblically grounded, theologically robust, gospel-hearted, culturally relevant, spiritually rich and winsomely engaging.

We have students from many different denominations, studying for many different reasons. We’d love you to join us as well!