Andrew Stewart Awarded Doctorate in Theology

Andrew Stewart Receiving Doctorate
Andrew Stewart Receiving Doctorate
Dr Steve Voorwinde with Rev Dr Andrew Stewart

Rev Andrew Stewart (Adjunct Lecturer in New Testament) was awarded the degree of Doctor of Theology at the recent graduation ceremony of the Melbourne School of Theology (MST). Andrew started his postgraduate theological studies with an MTh at the RTC. His work was of such a standard that the Australian College of Theology (ACT) recommended an upgrade to doctoral studies (not offered at the RTC). This meant that Andrew had to transfer to MST although his doctoral thesis was supervised throughout by Dr Steve Voorwinde (retired RTC lecturer). Our heartfelt congratulations go to Andrew (and Steve)!

Andrew worked on the conversion accounts of the apostle Paul in the Book of Acts. The formal citation reads as follows:

“The conversion and calling of Paul was a significant moment in the development of the early Church. Yet what can we say for certain about this event? Paul mentions it briefly in his letters, while in Acts we have three comprehensive accounts. One is supplied by the author of Acts (Acts 9) and two are found in testimonies given by Paul (Acts 22 and 26). While these accounts give a fuller picture of Paul’s conversion and calling, the tensions between them have puzzled readers and caused scholars to question their historical value. The aim of this study was to investigate how and why ancient authors recount events on multiple occasions in their narrative. Luke’s statement of purpose in Luke 1:1-4 as well as the three passages in Acts were closely examined. In the light of what was discovered  I have sought to show how the author of Acts maintains both consistency and narrative tension in order to explain the significance of Paul’s conversion and calling.”