RTC is an independent, non-denominational college in the heart of Melbourne’s city. Our experienced and engaging lecturers help men and women connect reformed evangelical theology to the realities of life and ministry. Warm relationships and rich interactions make our community feel like a family.

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RTC Staff Writer

John Lee Awarded Doctorate of Philosophy

During his doctoral defence (held July 5th, via Zoom due to travel restrictions) John Lee, our Academic Support Officer, successfully defended his thesis on Dutch

Paul Lucas

Semester 2 Study @ RTC

RTC is currently accepting Semester 2 enrolments into all our course streams to start Tuesday 20 July. Are you, or is someone you know, exploring

RTC Staff Writer

Local Church—Global Mission

In this RTC online conference, we’ll be looking at what it means to be a local church with a global mission at the beginning of the 21st century.