Principal’s Welcome

We live in exciting but demanding times. These are days of immense change, powerful technologies, instant communication, diverse educational opportunities and great cultural and religious diversity. We are also confronted by strident secular and atheistic agendas, the advance of militant Islam, and widespread intolerance of Christian values.

In this context, it is essential that Christians are grounded in God’s Word, sure of the gospel, and thoroughly equipped for Christ-centered life and ministry.

At RTC, it is our privilege to help prepare men and women to live strong gospel lives wherever the Lord leads them. Whether you’re wanting to train as a pastor or be better equipped as a mother, whether you’re working as a volunteer in your local church or standing for Christ in a secular workplace, whether you’re preparing for overseas mission or wanting to know how to answer the hard questions your friends ask about life, we believe that God’s Word is sufficient to equip us for every good work.

We also believe that to stand firm we need far more than academic knowledge. True knowledge of God grows out of a personal relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ. We need not only to know God’s Word and biblical truth better, but know Jesus Christ better, so that our lives are transformed by him. We will only make a difference in our world if Christ, by his Spirit, has made all the difference to us.

In the context of a small interactive community, with a variety of delivery modes, online study options, an exciting city location, and a deep commitment to the best of reformed evangelical scholarship from across the centuries, I believe RTC is a great place to learn, to grow, and then to launch into a lifetime of serving Jesus Christ.