RTC Announces Key Board Changes


The RTC Board Meeting held on the 20th of May 2022 saw several changes to the composition of the Board. Mr Tony Deenick retired after nine years as Chair of the Board. His Chairmanship followed decades of involvement in the life and ministry of the RTC. We also said goodbye to our Vice-Chair, Mr John Bylsma. John played a key role in the Strategic Review process that led to the adoption and continuation of the ‘New Model’. We will miss both John and Tony’s enthusiastic work in building up and overseeing the work of the RTC.

Mr Ken Dean and Mrs Michelle Dempsey, both from Melbourne, will take over as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. We wish them well and pray that the Lord will guide and sustain them as they take on their new roles at the helm of the Board.

At the meeting, it was also confirmed that Mr Andy van Ameyde (Christchurch, NZ) was re-elected to another four-year term. We also welcome two new faces, Mr Andrew Wheeler from Melbourne (elected unopposed) and Mr Troy Vander Noord from Sydney (internal board appointment).