HEBREWS: “We must pay much closer attention…”. Heeding the Warnings of Scripture

Heart & Mind web Nick Brennan 2023

Dr. Nick Brennan

In seeking to feed on God’s Word we can sometimes come across concepts or questions that cause us not a little spiritual indigestion. One of these is surely the way in which Scripture frequently warns the people of God about their conduct and, in particular, their need to continue in faith and its fruits. These warnings conjure up for us all sorts of questions:

is God speaking to me, a believer, in these warnings?

Should I be worried about them? Are they meant to trouble my assurance?

What might happen if I fail to heed them?

In this lecture we’ll consider these kinds of questions and try to offer some answers that both honour the intensity of Scripture’s warnings and the Bible’s teaching on the security believers have in their salvation.

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