College Life

RTC is a small, friendly and diverse community of students where you’ll be encouraged to both do your best in your studies, and to grow in Christ and in your passion to serve him.


RTC is small and friendly college community. You won’t just be a number or get lost in a big college system. With a total of around 75 students, RTC is like a big family. That means lectures are highly interactive and tend to be like tutorials with constant Q&A and class interaction. You’ll get to know your lecturers as well as other students, either online, in class or at intensives.

The RTC Student Fellowship Committee also helps ensure there is support for new students as well as some great social events to attend each year. There is also support for spouses and families of those studying at College. 


Although RTC is small, it’s also diverse. We’ve deliberately adopted a flexible model of study that’s creating a diverse community of students. Students come from many different denominations and study for a range of reasons. The student body is made up of male and female students, part-timers and full-timers, some on campus, some online and many mixing study modes.  The study experience is enriched as students interact with people from different places, different churches, different backgrounds, different life experiences, different views, and with different areas of gospel and kingdom work in mind. It’s a great environment in which to learn and grow.


We passionately believe that a theological college should be a place not only of academic excellence but also of spiritual vitality. At the heart of our teaching and learning is a desire to know God better, to love Christ more, and to be transformed by the inward work of the Holy Spirit.

We encourage this in a number of ways…

  • We have weekly Devotions on Tuesday mornings with a focus on preaching and prayer
  • We have on-campus small groups led by faculty members
  • We offer one-to-one mentoring and personal support and encouragement
  • We strongly encourage the development of personal prayer and Bible reading
  • We expect students to be committed to and involved in a local church
  • We endeavor to have a spiritual focus in class, with times of prayer and personal application as a key part of regular study