Mission and Vision


The mission of RTC is to raise, equip and support people of all generations for Christ-centered life and ministry.

We believe that Jesus Christ is to be at the center of all we do, and we believe that those who follow Jesus, regardless of their age, their gifts, or their capacities, are to be dedicated to serving him in all of life. RTC therefore offers a range of training options to suit men and women, those training for either ordained or non-ordained church ministry, as well as people preparing to better serve God in other spheres of society. We want to equip Christians to shape the world in which we live.

RTC offers both degree level training and unaccredited discipleship training to equip people for Christ-centered living and church ministry.


In 2015 the RTC Board adopted a new strategic plan designed to see the College grow and become more effective in offering reformed evangelical theological education. The vision of the Board is that by 2022 RTC will deliver its courses multi-modally throughout Australia and overseas, draw on expert guest lecturers from around the world, have strategic alliances with colleges in other countries, have a reputation of being a significant contributor to evangelical theological education in Australia, attract people from many evangelical churches, and be the college of choice for churches of reformed persuasion.